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The Power of Attraction Marketing
Have you ever noticed what happens when a beautiful woman or a handsome man walks into a bar? That's right - people look at them.
The reason we call these people 'attractive' is because they (literally) 'attract' the attention and interest of other people.
What does this have to do with you and your business?
The most effective Marketing is based on the power of attraction in order to attract sales, clients and customers!
That's because people universally HATE being; pursued, pestered, hassled or chased.
We will use Attraction Marketing for your business
We will suggest you right kind of marketing.
We knew the fastest way to increase your sales.
We know the strategies of the successful business and we will devise the more appropriate strategy for your business also to make it successful.
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Eye productions was set up to uphold the excellence with innovation in the field of TV production. Imagination ,innovation and creation, these have been our guiding principles . we constantly dishes out new ideas in the world of tv productions and challenge our selves by defying limitations.Eye productions is the placewhere your vision takes form ,your ideas are shaped and your projects find their expression. We treat our clients with utmost respect because we know that mutual trust builds the callaborative erwironment that are thrive in.


The core teams are made up of experienced directors, trained camera people, editors, animators, sound and music professionals, researchers and scriptwriters. The team members bring years of rich experience from across the pre and post-production processes in channels, have completed tv production workshops of CNN ,APTN and PTV academy.


We have expertise in event management. We also have the capacity to cover the events with latest D-55 cameras and OB.
Facilities of audio/video recording, conferencing, latest sound system, multimedia with big screens and generator for the back up is also available.

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