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What We Do ?

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We sell the ideas and capture Imagination
Switching from selling products / services, to selling ideas
The concept behind selling ideas is closely linked to selling on benefits. So we think about the core benefits behind your service or product and then market these benefits . What is the idea behind the products or services you provide? If you save people money, save people time, make people more productive or make them more beautiful etc – that's what Eye Productions will market.
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Media Production

Media production is what we do best, we produce followings,

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We do airing of advertisement on:

Online Advertising

Print Media Advertisement

Transit Advertising

Outdoor Advertisement

Branded SMS

Clients (In NGO)

In NGOs, our clients are Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), National Rural Support Programme (NRSP), Hameed Khan Resource Centre, Muslim Hands, Baidar Pakistan.

Other Clients

Passport and Immigration Deptt. Salaman‘s Jams, Riphah International University, Megazone, VIEC (Education Consultant), Bio Herbs, Dolphin Whitening Cream, Islamic Herbs, Champion Fans Emaan Gold Cosmetics, Capital Marketing, SAP Group, National Furnishers, Vagus cosmetics, Wood Hive, Burnout, Heaven Furnishers, Friends Corporations, Daar-e-Arqam Chain of Schools, S S Marketing, Qaumi Herbal Products, Explore (Men’s Wear Brand), Shan Leather Jacket, Tie and Stud Brand, Karakul (Men’s Wear Brand) and many more.


Event Management

Corporate Events

We have expertise in both corporate and family events and have covered events of Prime Minster and high profile events with OB ( out broadcast technology ) and did live web streaming.

We Cover the events with..

Family & Social Events

We have proficiency to make your family & Social Events memorable with..


Our Production Skills

Production skills can clearly demonstrate to our potential customers why Eye productions are the best option. We will make sure that you keep one step ahead of your competitors; we can help you with the following:



TV commercials, corporate videos, conferencing and live events, training videos, editing, animation, digital media transfer.


Lighting Cameramen, Photographer, Producers, Directors, Script Writers, Sound Recordists, Lighting Electricians, Graphic Designers, Animators.


Design Consultancy, Corporate Identities, Branding, PowerPoint Presentations.


Brochures / Newsletters, Annual Reports, Microsoft Templates.

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